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Information for New & Returning Volunteers:
New and returning volunteers must submit an application each school year in order to volunteer on a Tyler ISD campus. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and have either a valid Texas Driver's License or Department of Public Safety Identification Card.

The Volunteer Application is only available online. For your convenience, there is a kiosk located in the lobby of the Administration Building at 1319 Earl Campbell Parkway.
Please Click Here to complete the volunteer application process. Student Teachers, do not fill out this application.

Volunteer Applications are processed every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please allow seven to ten days for the application to process. After this time, you may contact your designated campus to pick up your badge in the front office.

All volunteers must check in through the campus front office and wear their badge at all times while volunteering on campus or at a school event.

Being a volunteer has truly been an awesome experience! From being a photographer at the Andy Woods Elementary school fall celebration, to being a part of the Junior Achievement program and a sponsor at the field day event, I'm very happy for being included. Being a volunteer has taught me to value much more, such as the time that our educators put into helping young students reach new goals in life. It's been very fun as well! Thank you for this amazing opportunity.
Staff Sergeant Torres, Juan R.
United States Marine Corps, Recruiting Sub-Station Tyler
  Volunteer with Tyler ISD  
Thank you for your willingness to give your time to serve as a volunteer in our schools. Your personal commitment provides our young people a role model of responsible citizenship.
Volunteers are individuals who donate their time, without financial compensation, to benefit Tyler ISD students. The volunteer participation may occur in a classroom setting during the school day or outside the school setting as part of an extracurricular activity. A person who comes to the school for a one-time special event, such as a guest speaker, presenter, or visitor is considered a guest and does not need to complete a volunteer application.

Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Reading Buddy
  • Field Trip Chaperone
  • Classroom Assistant
  • Support Services
  Brenda Parish
Volunteer Coordinator


Acknowledgement Form

Volunteer Handbook


  Criminal History Check  
Tyler ISD requires persons who serve as school volunteers to submit to a criminal history check. All information is confidential. Approved volunteers will be issued a Volunteer Badge for the current school year. The badge must be displayed at all times while serving in this capacity. Tyler ISD reserves the right to determine volunteer status of an individual based on the following findings: assault, sexual misconduct, theft, DWI, criminal trespassing, any misconduct involving a minor, forgery, possession of controlled substances, or any acts that may be construed as moral turpitude.
  Frequently Asked Questions  


How will I know when my application has been processed?
Applications are processed on Tuesday and Wednesday each week. Please allow seven to ten business days for the processing to complete. For questions about your application status, please contact the campus where you plan to volunteer. Once your application is processed, your name will appear on the list of volunteers at each of the schools you selected. You may begin volunteering as soon as your name is included on the list of volunteers and you have picked up your volunteer badge at the campus. Click on the “Schools” tab at the top of the Tyler ISD website for a list of Tyler ISD schools. Please feel free to contact each school directly for information about volunteer opportunities.

I'm a returning volunteer, but I've forgotten my user ID and/or password; what do I do?
Look for the words “Forgot User ID/Password Click Here" under the "Returning Volunteer" log in on the Volunteer Application website. Click and enter your information as requested. If you are still unable to log in or for technology-related questions about the online Volunteer Application process, contact Volunteer Help at 903.262.1047 or volunteerhelp@tylerisd.org.

What if I don't have internet access; can I use a paper application?
Applications are only available online. Schools have computers available for you to use to sign up as a volunteer. Please check with your school's office for more information. For your convenience there is also a computer kiosk located in the lobby of the Administration Building at 1319 Earl Campbell Parkway.

I am already in the system, but I'm unable to log in as a returning volunteer; what do I do? 
Sometimes, due to oversight, an error or omission on a previous entry may prevent a volunteer from being able to log in again (e.g. a name change, driver's license number not entered on the original entry, etc.). Please contact Volunteer Help at 903.262.1047 or volunteerhelp@tylerisd.org.

Why is every volunteer required to submit a Criminal History Check?
This is a precaution to protect the safety of our students and the liability of our district. It is also the law. The Texas Education Code 22.0835 states that a school district must obtain all criminal history record information that relates to a volunteer or person who has indicated, in writing, an intention to serve as a volunteer with the District.

What if a volunteer refuses to submit a Criminal History Check?
They will not be allowed to volunteer with Tyler ISD. The Texas Education Code 22.0835 states a person may not perform any volunteer duties until all requirements have been satisfied.

What if criminal history data is discovered through the DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification process?
The Volunteer Coordinator will contact an upper-level human resource administrator to review the criminal history information. This information is highly confidential and will be seen and processed by the fewest number of qualified Tyler ISD staff members necessary to make a determination. The Executive Director of Human Resources will establish the eligibility status of all prospective volunteers with criminal history data.

If the prospective volunteer is determined to be ineligible, can the details of the applicant be disclosed?
No information can be shared about the content or nature of the criminal record with the Campus Volunteer Coordinator or the campus administration. The Volunteer Coordinator and the upper-level human resource administrator have special permission from the Texas Department of Public Safety to access the Computerized Criminal History, but they are prohibited from sharing this information with anyone, including the prospective volunteer.

What if a volunteer has completed a Criminal History Check with another organization outside of Tyler ISD?
All prospective Tyler ISD volunteers must follow the same application process. A Criminal History Check must be completed with Tyler ISD even if the applicant has completed one with another organization outside the District.

Do prospective volunteers need to complete the application process more than once, if they have children at more than one campus?
No. The determined volunteer eligibility is district-wide.

Under what circumstance are parents of Tyler ISD students required to complete the volunteer application process?
The distinguishing factor is whether the parent is volunteering their time with the District or strictly spending time with only their child. The volunteer application process is not required for parents when they drop off school items to their child’s campus, eat lunch with only their child, or attend special programs as an audience member. Volunteer circumstances that do require a volunteer application process include chaperoning field trips, chaperoning after school programs, tutoring students, participating in District fundraising activities or selling items on or off campus. Any activity that requires a parent to be involved with Tyler ISD students during Tyler ISD sponsored events, even if it is a one-time event, must complete the application process.

What do I do if I lose my volunteer badge?
Please do not resubmit your application because of a misplaced volunteer badge. Contact the Campus Volunteer Coordinator at the school where you received your badge or contact Volunteer Help at 903.262.1047 or  volunteerhelp@tylerisd.org.

Why must I renew my application every school year?
The District is required to perform a background check on every volunteer, every school year.
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